Corresponding tool

Movable Type / Lekumo

Make CMS is Six Apart's production site using Movable Type, education, and support. To the person who is to be build a home page that can be updated by yourself. It is most suitable for a business blog.

jQuery Mobile / Bootstrap

This is done or jQueryMobile, and JavaScript library jQuery, such as Bootstrap of Twitter-supplied, smartphone optimization support using the popular front-end framework, the site production of responsive Web design support.

Smarty / FuelPHP

I do site development using Smarty template engine of PHP, and Web systems development using FuelPHP is a PHP framework.

And various API

Facebook, Rakuten, mail delivery Kurumeru, ZEUS credit card payment, deferred payment, shopping cart, acquisition-mail attachments, such as ftp automatic acquisition. Supports regular automatic access to the site by the curl, the automatic execution tool uwsc on Windows.