Site construction and operation

Server Construction

Selection of advice and services appropriate server, initial installation and configuration of software and OS, backup, test environment construction, AWS consulting, such as domain registration ยท DNS setting

Server operation agency

(HTML, CSS, image processing, such as movie making) apache access log analysis, content update (page modified) agency, content creation, Garake & smartphone official site operation agency, also hosting your dedicated program from the system operational.

Google Analytics

By access analysis, to find the problems of the home page, we will help conversion, sales up. Google Analytics default, beginning with the installation of the tag, registration of goals, methods of analysis reports, advice, to improve work.

Site high load support

Access a large number of response and, slow, I do measures to server high-load. Advice and use effective use load balancer, multiple server configuration, HTTP requests the number of cache, compression of CSS / JS, CSS sprites, the CDN.

Technical support, operational support, consulting

Management bidder for the company that are important Web production company like, corporate Web person in charge, web administrators, like, the home page, and consulting to solve any technical support or help assist operational work, problems and worries I offer.